Rolf-Maria Krückels

ink  |   oil  |   objects

Works (selection)

The concrete figure
Concrete painting, by definition excludes the appearance of
the human figure!
In my work the figure is used as a layer of reception,
as a "form" that transports the concrete construction
of the painting in a " figurative package."
Transparent carrier
The classic construction of imaging: front, middle and
background in my paintings is deconstructed in its layers.
The use of transparent and semitransparent image carriers
(tracing paper, plexiglass,glass, film) is an obvious media
for this idea.
This intensifies the "self-reference“ of the individual layer
and it‘s analysis.
Alchemy of material
To let the paint "fly" on barely existing carriers
new painting materials are needed. I change classic recipes
of oil and ink colors to come closer to the needed funktion,
rising the effect to aim the idea of the image.
The chemical nature of the material is part of the concept.
Visual intelligence and visual illiteracy
Although we live in a society of images, the ability of its
decoding as "cultural idea" is rather underdeveloped.
With my idea of "complex layering” i opposite the
"visual illiteracy" an idea of "visual intelligence".
By setting and breaking up "visual traps"
mechanisms of perception are revealed.

variation for 24" screen